ZUGOL Environmental Protection Material

ZUGOL is a sorbent for oil and chemicals, made from Swedish pinebark, without any chemicals added.

ZUGOL is delivered in bags of 20, 40 and 1000 litres.
The bags are piled on wooden pallets and may be stored outdoors without problems.


ZUGOL Wheely Bin

ZUGOL bin with buildt-in automatic dosage feed, containing 80 litres of ZUGOL and a holder inside for waste bags.
Equipped with shovel and sweeping brush 

ZUGOL Absorbing tubs and pillows

Our tubs and pillows are suitable for preventional use.
They can for example be placed around or under machinery that have a continously leakage of oil.

ZUGOL Vehicle Kit

Clean-up equipment for transportation vehicles.
Contains 20 l. Zugol, one absorbing tubes(120/8 cm),
three highly absorbing wiping cloths and one bag for waste material.

For further information and prices please contact our retailers abroad or the headoffice in Sweden.